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Free phone 0800 / 0808 FAQ - Price

Will callers get charged?

No, the caller pays nothing for the call.

How much will calls cost me?

Free Bronze 0800 / 0808 Numbers
Registration Fee:0
Monthly service
Peak & Off-peak rate:4 ppm

Silver, Gold and Platinum Numbers
Registration Fee:from £9
Monthly service
£2.00 pcm
Peak & Off-peak rate:4 ppm
Divert to mobile:22 ppm rates

Are there service charges?

No, not for Bronze numbers!

£2 per month for silver, gold and platinum numbers.

Are there registration charges?

No, not for Bronze numbers!
From £9 for our premium/memorable numbers.

Are there any hidden charges or costs?

No, non

Additional Services

Calls to administer your account i.e to divert to mobile, change pointed to landline number then these are Free (via an 0870 national rate number).
If you require complex additional services such as flexible routing there is a one-off registration charge of between £10 (time of day) to £200 for multisite, multiple options.
Itemised billing is extra at £3 pcm.

Is there a minimum contract length?

You can have your number for as short a time as you want, no cancellation fee applies. BT have a minimum contract term of 12 months for the same service.

Is there a minimum monthly call bill?

No, if nobody calls the number all you pay is the service charge.

Is there line rental?

No, you direct the number to your existing landline.

Will the cost of 0800/0808 incoming calls change?

Prices within the telecoms industry for inbound services are relatively static or falling. It is unlikely these charges will change in the short to medium term, however we would anticipate reducing your charges for these calls mid to long term as part of our account reviews.

Freephone 0800/0808 FAQ - Provider

How does registration work?

You select and register your free phone number and the number and complete a Direct Debit mandate. Your chosen number is then connected directly to your existing landline or mobile number. You will receive a monthly bill to cover any calls made to you and for any service charges agreed.

Will my Freephone 0800/0808 number change?

0800 numbers will never change.

How long does it take to have a connected, working 0800 number?

Just 4 days maximum!

Divert to mobile

Please note, the connection of 0800 numbers to a UK mobile number (eg. Orange, O2, Vodaphone, T-Mobile) or an international number take longer than to a standard UK landline number. Allow an estimated 10 working days for 0800 connection to mobile / international destination numbers.

*Please note that T-numbers would not recommend the publishing of any numbers until they are actually live as we cannot offer a 100% guarantee on the number selected until it is actually activated due to the logistics of provisioning non geographic numbers.

If you wish to issue or publish your chosen numbers before they are live, please understand that you will be taking responsibility for this yourself, we do endeavour to operate the fastest connection service available to overcome any concerns regarding this point

Are there any ring time delays?

No, ringing times are not affected.

Are there free minutes?

No, this system is designed for simplicity and to operate initially as a simple, low cost freephone service. Additional benefits and options are available such as itemized billing, number routing options; please contact Tech Advance on: 0800 09 3456 3.

How do I choose a 0800 free phone number?

Select on from the list of available numbers and proceed to payment - Credit Card callback or Direct Debit options.

Can I use my 0800 number on any line?

Yes, any landline, mobile, cable or IDSN line.

Does it matter where I am located in the UK?

Your 0800 number is portable to any geographic phone code in the UK.

Is it easy to move the freephone number to another line?

Yes, and free. Simply contact us with another number, it costs nothing.

Is the number for life?

Yes, or for as long as you want. No one can take it away from you.